Printing at MIT

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All students are able to print, scan and use the copier function on any Ricoh printer, as long as they have a valid MIT ID card.

A few things for students to note:

  1. You will need to register your MIT ID card on the Ricoh printer before it can be used for the first time.
  2. The printing and copier functions are not free of charge. Student must top up their accounts before using these features.

Follow the below guides for printing , copying and scanning features at MIT

Quick Question and Answers

How do I top-up my student printing account ?

There are 2 ways to top up your account;

  1. Locate a Top Up Kiosk machine near you. Top up’s are only available with cash.
  2. If you have a credit/debit card you can top up via the Ricoh webpage
How much does printing cost?

Printing Cost as follows:

A4 mono (Single) = 10c per page
A4 mono(duplex)= 8c per page

A4 color(single)=50c per page
A4 color(duplex)= 40c per page

A3= 2 X A4 per impression, per side BW=20c and Color=$1.00

Note- page is charged are color price even if 1 line or small picture is color and rest
is Mono BW.The prices are subject to change before end of the year 2016.