HEAT Service Management

What is Heat ?

Heat software is an IT service Management tool that is used by ICTS to facilitate, simplify and manage support to MIT staff and students.

How do I login to Heat?

To access Heat Service Management, go to the Heat portal https://myservice.manukau.ac.nz  via your favourite web browser.

The Heat portal will require you to login with your staff username and password. (Note; this is the same password that you use to login to MIT computers).

When you change you MIT password, it will automatically be updated in Heat.


When do I log a job as an Incident ?

An incident is when equipment (laptops, projectors etc) or software do not function as expected.

You will need to log in to Heat and find the template named : Other ICTS Issue.

When completing the template, please fill in all the relevant questions asked as this will help ICTS to understand, identify and resolve the issue quickly.



How do I log a job as a service request ?

A service request is logged to request a particular service from ICTS . Some example of service includes requests for IT equipment, requesting loan AV equipment or installing software.T

There are several service request templates available in Heat which are to be used for the following specific type of requests:

General Request

  • ICTS- Miscellaneous Service Request ( to be only used when appropriate template is not available )

Distribution List

  • ICTS- Request a new Distribution List
  • ICTS- Request Email Distribution List Update


  • ICTS- Request a New Employee Setup
  • ICTS- Request an Employee Termination
  • ICTS- Request Staff Account Reactivation
  • ICTS- Request Personal Information Update

Network Drive H & Y

  • ICTS- Request a New Y drive Folder
  • ICTS- Request H drive Size Increase
  • ICTS- Request Data to be Restored

Hardware or Software

  • ICTS- Request Software Installation
  • ICTS- Request Computer Accessories
  • ICTS- Request Hardware Purchase
  • ICTS- Request Loan Equipment
  • ICTS-Request Equipment Return

New Accounts

  • ICTS – Request a New email Account
  • ICTS- Request an Email2Txt Account

Guest Wireless

  • ICTS- Request for Guest Wireless Accounts


  • ICTS- Request Staff Password Reset
  • ICTS- Request Student Password Reset

Production Change

  • ICTS-Emit(LMS)Request
  • ICTS- Production System Change Request


  • ICTS- Request for New Service Offering

You can quickly search for these templates by name in Heat as shown below

Heat Search 2