Y drive permissions and snapshots

Y Drive

All MIT staff will have Y drive mapped when they log into MIT computer . Y drive folder is there managed by individual staff from different departments .

If you have access to a Y drive folder it will be listed when you open Y drive . All Y drive folders have an owner and they have the right to give permission to other staff members as required or when requested.


There are 2 types of permissions you can have on a folder :

Read only Permission – gives you access to the folder and files only and won’t allow any changes

Read / Write Permission  – give you read access as well as write access to the folder and files

How to View Folder Owners

Staff can use ICTSMan to view current owners as well as can be used by owners to provide read only or read write permission to Y drive folders
This link will show you how you can check the owners

How to view Folder Owner– when you know the owner please request permission directly with staff concerned


How to restore your own files

The Y drive has self-service snapshots that can be restored easily from Windows.

To do this, right click the containing folder and select “View Previous Versions”, choose the date, then click “Open” to view them.